NBA Metaverse: Create A 3D Avatar With New Scanning Technology


Through the NBA’s new scanning technology, fans can create a 3D avatar of themselves using their smartphone camera. Users can enjoy a fresh perspective of the game by substituting their avatar for the real player. The process takes about five minutes, and the resulting 3D model can be used in games.

When discussing the future of streaming, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver unveiled the new technology at the 2023 All-Star Tech Summit. The new scanning technology is one step towards creating a more immersive and interactive experience for fans, according to Silver.

Moreover, the NBA’s new scanning technology highlights the growing trend towards metaverse experiences, which are virtual worlds in which users interact with each other and digital objects. Business such as Facebook and Roblox are investing heavily in the metaverse, dubbed the next step in the evolution of the internet.

As users will be able to buy digital clothing and accessories for their avatars in the future, the NBA’s latest technology could attract new brand partnerships and sponsorships.

The decision to enter the metaverse market can be considered a wise move. The NBA has a longstanding history of embracing technology, including the introduction of the shot clock in the 1950s and instant replay in the 1980s. In adopting the metaverse, the NBA reinforces its reputation as a forward-thinking organization.

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