Room-K: Katariba’s unique metaverse educational platform


A Japanese NPO has taken up the initiative to assist in every way it can, and in particular, to ensure emotionally affected students join up with the mainstream classes through the use of the virtual world. A reliable source from the same organization estimates that ten percent of the students who participated in the online classes have joined the mainstream, which is a normal school.

During the covid fiasco, we managed to change how we thought and how we tried to adjust our daily lives. The most affected were the schoolchildren. It was no longer possible to take for granted simple things like heading to a real-world school. This was especially true for children who had been emotionally affected in some way. The task seemed to be a real uphill battle for these children.

This is where the Japanese Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Katariba decided to take a firm and progressive stand. In spite of all the obstacles, they decided to take advantage of the virtual world to the fullest by starting a virtual world-based educational platform called Room-K.

Furthermore, the platform allows children to build a relationship of trust with their counselors, which promotes a sense of belonging and belongingness. However, it is for this reason that children can gain concentration and develop social skills.

This organization aims to ably assist those students who do not wish to follow the mainstream form of studying in another way by utilizing the platform that has been created.

This organization, it is being perceived, could be completely in support of the Japanese Government Agency for Child and Family Affairs, which is looking out for these kinds of projects. Room-K’s entire purpose, according to the person who is in charge of it, Tomotaka Segawa of Katariba, is to provide an alternative education and learning environment to all children who do not wish to attend mainstream education.

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