PUBG looks up to Banger for NFT integration


In order to integrate NFTs into its ecosystem, PUBG collaborates with Banger. This update is tentatively scheduled for release in 2023. Banger, a platform that specializes in integrating non-fungible tokens into game ecosystems, will handle the blockchain aspect of the development.

Even though non-fungible tokens may not have a great year in 2022, the gaming sector is certainly interested in integrating them.

Participants who enroll for the alpha test of the PUBG NFT integration are automatically eligible for a Banger digital collectible. It cannot be traded, but it is a sign specially designed by Banger for alpha test participants.

Banger Alpha offers three challenges.

You can kill as many people as you wish with License to Kill. In the gaming ecosystem, the more kills you get, the higher you rank. Maximize your score by walking around the virtual world and killing other players. If you get the perfect headshot, you’ll get extra points.

In Kill Frenzy, the player has the liberty to run over people without keeping score. The rule is the same: the player who runs over the most people wins.

Last but not least, Ghost Killer has a sniper, which requires players to kill enemies at a distance. The player who shoots from the greatest feasible distance wins.

According to Nicolas Gonzalez, Banger’s Chief Product Officer, the alpha test proves that partners like PUBG can benefit from integrating the NFT mechanism without having to make an initial investment. As a result of the NFT integration, the gameplay experience is not affected by it either.

As a result of its new features and Limited Digital Collectibles, Banger is expected to have another full house.

The number of blockchain-related scams is on the rise, so building and maintaining the function internally is a risk. In order to handle the integration of NFT, followed by its security and additional maintenance, gaming companies like PUBG are looking for a white-label platform.

Banger will also examine the blockchain-related aspects in this case, so PUBG won’t have to take the time to review it.

The game industry is constantly incorporating NFTs to create more interactive and interesting virtual worlds. It has been observed that players desire to possess virtual assets. These digital assets are either traded or developed to increase their value. When Banger integrates NFT into the PUBG ecosystem, both businesses will face a test.

Gaming seeks to innovate for player retention, while NFT expands to the limits.

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