Habbo Hotel: New iconic launch by Habbo & Sandbox partnership


In fact, Habbo is about to open its own hotel in The Sandbox. This newly formed and calculated merger will now provide ample opportunity for both of the associated communities related to Habbo and The Sandbox to be exposed to fresh experiences related to the metaverse, as well as provide them with the opportunity to continue their explorations.

The first exposure, however, will be introducing the Habbo Hotel itself and its iconic receptionist. However, this happens to be the all-famous character, Frank, introduced by Habbo. The players will have to take on tasks related to the hotel’s general upkeep in this scenario.

Habbo, in its own unique way, has set the ball rolling towards a virtual social world where 300 million avatars will be able to connect about joint social exposures over the next two decades, according to Sebastian Borget, The Sandbox’s COO and Co-Founder.

Creating new and fresh experiences in The Sandbox is also related to the sheer boost of the community towards #nocode Game Maker. In his opinion, this will inevitably open the doors for further user-generated content creation and thereby bring about interoperability which will then throw light on the true power of the open metaverse, together with the Web3.

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