Crypto Great Reset is Coming, Cardano (ADA) to Boom: Crypto Crow


In an interview that aired on Altcoin Daily on Sunday, it was claimed that the cryptocurrency market is about to undergo a significant market reset. The interviewee was a Youtuber and cryptocurrency trader named Crypto Crow. As Jason Appleton, aka The Crypto Crow, explains, the cryptocurrency industry is moving toward decentralization.

Moreover, Crypto Crow questions how Cardano fits into the World Economic Forum reset agenda after crypto proponents have called it a “cornerstone for decentralization.” One of Hoskinson’s respondents in his assessment of Cardano says that if it succeeds, we’ll all be slaves, and the community is fighting against it because of that.

There have been a number of arguments provided by experts to support purchasing Cardano, which is important to note. A recent Coin Edition post discusses Cardano as a third-generation cryptocurrency that offers a secure and scalable platform for transferring digital assets. Using Cardano’s blockchain, massive amounts of data can be sent without compromising security or network performance, according to the post.

Based on Coinmarketcap data, Cardano (ADA) was trading at $0.252911 at press time with a 24-hour trading volume of $135,626,275.

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