Cardano Massively Dominated Ethereum, Polygon and Seven Altcoins in 2022 on One Metric: Santiment


This year, the crypto analytics platform Santiment revealed that Cardano (ADA) led all other blockchain protocols on one critical metric.

According to Santiment, Cardano had the highest level of development activity in 2022, ahead of Ethereum (ETH) and other blockchain protocols.

In terms of GitHub submissions, Cardano recorded 2,434 commits ahead of Polkadot (DOT), which recorded the second-highest level of development activity among blockchain protocols.

The third-placed Cosmos Hub (ATOM) recorded 1,622 Github commits in 2022, while Polkadot recorded 2,065 Github commits.

Polygon (MATIC) ranked 10th with 526 Github commits in 2022, while Ethereum ranked fourth with 1,485 Github commits.

The top 2022 blockchain protocols by development activity are:

A crypto analytics platform has previously stated that heavy development activity is bullish for a blockchain protocol, as it indicates new features are about to be deployed or that developers are confident the protocol will succeed.

A crypto analytics platform says that Aptos’ development activity was high before it was launched in October but has slowed down since then. It also says that the activity of Solana (SOL) has fallen significantly in 2022.

“Aptos worked hard before the mainnet and chilled afterwards.

The developer activity of Solana is still strong and within those above, but the metric is declining heavily.

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