5 Metaverse Companies That Offer Online Gaming


Technology enthusiasts have been thinking about the Metaverse for many years. It is a virtual world where people can communicate virtually by combining elements of social media, online gaming, AR, VR, and cryptocurrencies.

For a long time, the metaverse was only a concept, predicted to fundamentally change how we live, interact, and conduct business.

Now that virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D gaming, and high-speed internet have all been developed, the metaverse has finally arrived.

Online gaming companies in the Metaverse

Studio Juego

It has since expanded into every new area of design, including virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, the metaverse, and more.

It specializes in PlayCanvas, Unreal Engine, blockchain, Cocos2d-X, and development frameworks, making it one of the world’s top game development companies.

Saga of Avarik

Players begin the game with 3 NFTs and add more as their team gains victories. Avarik Saga is a tactical team-building game that incorporates classic JRPG elements.

There are magical forests, knights, wizards, and marksmen in the game, which transports players to a virtual world. By winning battles, gamers can obtain their tradable NFT tokens, which they can use to trade in the country. The Indonesian company wants to introduce “play-to-win” to the country.

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There is a Mars

As a player of the Mars Corps metaverse game, you will construct the ideal world on Virtual Mars using tradable NFTs. The NFTs will be created using the Polygon chain, which you can buy and sell through OpenSea.

As an MMORPG gaming company with 15 years of experience, the company has released three NFTs: Web 3.0 NFTs, The Martians, and MRST Mining Pet NFT, which generated $3 million in sales. In order to gain a competitive edge in the metaverse, the gaming company wants to establish a competitive edge.

The illuvium

With the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium is a high-quality, sci-fi, play-to-earn game. ILV tokens, a type of cryptocurrency, are something players can gather in Illuvium games. Through exploration of seven magical alien lands, players can learn about natural disasters that destroyed Illuvium.

On the IlluviDex, the Illuvium marketplace, users can exchange NFTs for free with other users. You can claim ownership of your game assets with Illuvium.


The Amakuni game platform combines the most recent blockchain technology with classic, action-packed mobile RPGs.

In Amakuni, players can assemble their own team of knights, design unique weapons and other military gear, and combine these elements with elements of the natural world like fire, water, thunder, and so forth. The fantasy game’s setting of Aepiran provides players with an opportunity to go on exciting treasure hunts and adventure.

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